Pool Decks and Patios

Beautifully Restored Pool Decks, Patios and Other Exterior Spaces

Natural stone, terrazzo and concrete can all make for appealing exteriors and outdoor spaces at home, in the workplace, or as a property amenity. But let's face it – when the sun gets too strong, that beautiful breeze too windy, or it starts raining cats and dogs – you and your guests or patrons can get in out of the weather, but your exterior spaces cannot. They must regularly face wind and rain, temperature changes, pollution, and just plain ol’ accumulated grit and grime. Because of this, they require periodic cleaning, repair, treatments to inhibit mildew growth, and other services, perhaps even complete restoration. We provide solutions to help make your outdoor spaces not only look great, but add value to your property, and appeal to family, guests, clients and employees alike.

From repairs, and restoration to finishing, enhancing, sealing, and adding stains, textures, and decorative coatings, our highly trained technicians achieve fantastic results. Put away the bleach and the deck brushes. With our cleaning, restoration, resurfacing and coating services, your outdoor patios, walkways, facades and more will stay beautiful with minimal effort.

Cleaning & Sealing Natural Stone and Grout

Fallen leaves, muddy run-off from lots of rain, mold and mildew excited by high humidity can diminish the appearance of your outdoor spaces, which may be the first thing your visitors see, creating an impression that is only so-so at best. We can return your outdoor surfaces to pristine condition, and seal them as appropriate to the surface type to help minimize staining and excessive moisture absorption.

Power Washing Concrete

Dirt, oils, grime, and mildew, left unchecked, can become an unsightly, slippery mess. Our power washing services sanitize your concrete, extracting contaminants that have settled deep within the porous surface, and leave your concrete fresh and clean, helping you create the kind of first impression you can be proud of.

Stain Removal

Inside your home, business or other property, you probably take all sorts of steps to minimize spills and protect from stains—from welcome mats, to limiting where food and drinks are allowed, to coasters and placemats, to vigilant staff ready with a handy towel.  Policing your outdoor spaces, however, can be a little more difficult, and Mother Nature doesn't necessarily help. Consequently, stains happen, particularly on porous or unsealed surfaces. Fortunately, CEI Surface Pros can resolve most stains to your satisfaction and offer solutions to help prevent them in the future.


That cloudy film or powdery residue that’s marring the appearance of your beautiful outdoor spaces could be efflorescence. Efflorescence is caused by moisture drawing mineral salts from or through your surface material and then evaporating, leaving deposits behind. Getting rid of these deposits successfully requires a solid understanding of the process and sources of efflorescence. CEI Surface Pros has the specialized knowledge to effectively address and resolve your efflorescence issues.

Concrete Leveling & Crack Repair

Tree roots, soil movement, freezing and thawing cycles, chemicals used in pool or landscape maintenance, and other exterior conditions can wreak havoc on pool decks, patios, walkways, courtyards and more. Sunken or uneven concrete is not only unsightly, it's a trip and fall hazard—one that should be addressed in a timely manner. When your surfaces are uneven, water collects in the lower sections and, as that water runs off or settles, soil around and underneath the area erodes. In other words, the longer the problem exists, the worse it gets.

If your concrete is cracked or uneven, don't spend thousands of dollars to break up and dispose of the slab and have another one installed, instead, have your pool deck, courtyard, patio, walkways or other outdoor spaces professionally restored. We can fill and patch cracks before they spread and grow into potentially hazardous conditions and we use leading-edge techniques and equipment to give your concrete a level, uniform appearance.

Crack & Chip Repair for Natural Stone, Tile and Pavers

Extreme changes in temperature, shifting of the supporting structure, and rough wear can create chips and cracks in your outdoor surfaces. Missing or damaged tiles or pavers not only diminish the appearance of your patios and walkways, but they could actually affect the entire structure. We can repair or replace loose or broken pavers and reset sunken or dipped pavers so that you can continue to enjoy them for years to come. Our proven repair methods expertly fill chips, cracks and holes and then hone these spots, returning them to their original condition. We also take pride in protecting the surrounding work area, including your landscaping, fencing and structures.

Resurfacing, Coatings & Decorative Options for Concrete

For safety reasons, walkways, pool decks, patios and other areas that have foot traffic should be properly maintained and slip-resistant. This can be extremely time-consuming and difficult if your concrete is full of pits and voids that trap dirt, grime, mildew, and other contaminants. We can fill in those voids and give old, blotchy-looking concrete a like-new appearance with our resurfacing and coating services.

There are many options available, from polymer-modified overlays to stains and dyes and more. Regardless of what decorative option you choose, resurfacing or coating your outdoor concrete is a less time-consuming, more cost-effective and environmentally friendly option than having it replaced, so you can spend more time enjoying your outdoor spaces and less time maintaining them.

Refinishing & Treatments for Natural Stone

While most natural stone is often not as much of a slip-hazard as it may look, if you find your patios, walkways, pool surrounds and so on more slippery than you wish, we can alter the finish of the stone and/or apply surface treatments to increase slip resistance. For some natural stone, enhancing treatments can also be applied to emphasize and bring out the natural colors.

Your courtyards, walkways, facades, pool decks, patios and more deserve the same care and attention as your interior surfaces. CEI Surface Pros is here to help you keep your exterior spaces in the same great condition as your interior ones.

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