Facility’s Worn Concrete Polished

  • Naples Concrete Polishing
    Before concrete polishing.
  • naples-concrete-before
    This is a close-up of the concrete that shows the markings and debris before polishing.
  • naples-concrete-polished
    After the concrete has been polished. What a difference!
  • naples-concrete-polishing
    A close-up view of the concrete floor after being polished.

Problem: Floor stains, dirt, and scratches

As you can see in the BEFORE images, the concrete floor in this Naples water management facility was worn, stained, and dreary looking. The floor was not reflecting the standard of professionalism one might expect from a government facility.

Solution: Grind, hone, polish, clean, seal

We used our industrial floor machine mounted with special diamond encrusted pads to grind and hone away the surface damage, replacing the diamond pads with progressively finer grits throughout the multistep process. We applied a densifier to harden and strengthen the concrete and polished the concrete to the desired level of gloss and sheen. To inhibit staining, we applied an impregnating sealer.

As you can see in the AFTER images, polished concrete makes a world of difference! The result of concrete polishing is not only how it looks, but follow up maintenance is much easier.

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