Since 1993, CEI Surface PROS has provided complete care and service for all concrete surfaces to homes and businesses throughout Naples, FL and surrounding areas. Using only true and proven methods, as well as the most cutting edge and advanced commercial tools available today, CEI is the best solution for the polishing, care and service of your concrete floors. Learn more about the specific concrete services we provide below.

Concrete Surface Prep

Proper concrete surface prep, including grinding, restoration, cleaning and profiling, is the most important part of the flooring maintenance dollars you can save...
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Concrete Polishing

Polished concrete is a hard wearing, low maintenance, lasting investment. It reduces dust and allergens, enhances natural lighting, and reduces slip and fall hazards...
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Decorative Concrete

Over time, stains and dyes may fade and a decorative concrete surface can start to look patchy. We can rejuvenate faded or damaged decorative concrete...
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Sidewalks and Driveways

Driveways and sidewalks need periodic cleaning, repair, treatments to inhibit mildew growth, and other services. We provide solutions to help make your driveways and sidewalks safe, clean, and inviting...
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Serving Naples and South Florida

We service Naples, Ft. Myers, Cape Coral, Port Charlotte, Sarasota, Miami and will travel north as far as Tallahassee.