Sidewalks and Driveways

Safe and Welcoming Driveways and Sidewalks

Exposed to the elements, driveways and sidewalks need periodic cleaning, repair, treatments to inhibit mildew growth, and other services. We provide solutions to help make your driveways and sidewalks safe and inviting.

Driveway Leveling and Crack Repair

Tree roots, soil movement, freezing and thawing cycles, and other exterior conditions can wreak havoc on driveways. If your driveway is cracked or uneven, there likely is no need to break up the slab and have another one installed. Save yourself the time, aggravation, and cost of replacement by having your driveway professionally restored. We can fill and patch cracks and give your driveway a level, uniform appearance.

Sidewalk Leveling and Crack Repair

A sunken or uneven concrete sidewalk is not only unsightly, it's a trip and fall hazard. Water collects in the lower section and as it runs off or settles, soil around and underneath erodes. In other words, the longer the problem exists, the worse it gets. We can level and repair your existing concrete so you can have the problem resolved and avoid the cost of replacement. We also fill and patch cracks before they spread and grow into potentially hazardous conditions.

Power Washing

Dirt, oils, grime, and mildew on driveways and sidewalks, left unchecked, can become an unsightly, slippery mess. Our power washing services sanitize your concrete, extracting contaminants that have settled deep within the porous surface, and leave your sidewalks and driveways fresh and clean.

Resurfacing and Coatings

We can give old, blotchy-looking concrete driveways and sidewalks a like-new appearance with our resurfacing. We can treat a variety of issues, such as preventing mold growth with specialty coatings. And for decorative treatments, we offer many options, from polymer-modified overlays to stains and dyes and more. Regardless of what options you choose, resurfacing or coating your driveways and sidewalks is a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly option than having them replaced.

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Serving Naples and South Florida

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